Thursday, December 25


oh christmas. how it has changed so much from when i was a little girl. i still love it. but for rather different reasons. its not so much about the presents anymore. its about spending time with the family and just chilling. and honoring Jesus and God and all that they've done and sacrificed.
we always go to my grandparents house in Illinois and my aunt and uncle's in Indiana during christmas break. it is much the same as all other christmas breaks, yet different at the same time. the first few days we were here at my grandparents, we helped them hang pictures, organize books, stuff like that because their house had caught on fire last summer and it's rebuilt and everything now but they needed some help doing the last little touches and stuff.
my hips and lower back have been killing me the last few days. idk why, but its annoying. as is my abundance of phlegm in my head that won't go away. my throat has been dry and scratchy too.
but, its cold and wintery outside and earlier in the week it was snowing and icing :) like winter should be. :)
mary has tonsil stones and is always complaining about them and making people look at them and smell her breath. she really should just get her tonsils snipped out. but that, like anyother doctor stiff will have to wait til we get home sat night.
tomorrow is family christmas when all my aunts and uncles and stuff come to my grandparents house :) it's always enjoyable :)
luckily i don't have that much school crap to do during break. i need to finish my dress for the new years eve dance and to read a play for english and work on a marine project and do some art. but all of it isn't due until a few days after break, but i'd like to get some of it done. i also really want to clean out my room, at least partially. it's really starting to bug me. i dont need all the crap i have.
well, i hope anybody reading this ( which I doubt is anybody but like my family and a couple close friends) has a Merry Christmas! :)

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Anonymous said...

Santa says Merry Christmas to you, too!! Sorry about all the prolific phlegm and arthralgias/myalgias. :-(