Tuesday, January 27


exams are done.
my last midterms ever.
i'm soo sad.
i'm bad at sarcasm via internet.
now the true senoiritis begins.
i'm going to try and hold it back.
but i can only hold out so long.
meanwhile, its raining again.
so i can use my wonderful new rainboots.
i'm also working on cards.
painting my graduation announcements.
it's not that bad.
just a bit redundant.
i just realized i'm missing swim on saturday.
because of the good girls thing.
i'm very excited.
maybe i'll swim thursday.
or work out thursday and just skip a week of swim.
or swim on sunday.
tomorrow is back to normal school.
get up at normal time.
go to normal classes.
come home normal time.
yippee. :p

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