Monday, January 19

the power of snow

snow does radical things in the south. the threat of possible snow sends people to the store to stock up on, what else, milk and bread. sometimes school is even delayed or canceled before it starts snowing. there is a possibility tonight, so at least half of my facebook friends that live here have some sort of status relating to snow. my youth pastor is even doing the snow dance. it usually seems to happen that when we have a big snow or ice storm, causing the power to go out for a bit, we have just bought a bunch of ice cream that was on sale, making it melt or us putting it outside to stay frozen. though we havent had a great storm like that for a few years (global warming to blame?) us southerners still get hyped up at the simple word of snow and the possibilities of skipping school and going sledding :) snow really brings out the kid in all of us.

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Karla said...

And...we bought ice cream today. We shall see... :-)