Sunday, February 22

just be

these days, people are sooo busy. it's easy to get sucked into the idea that you need to do it all and be the best at all that you do. that whole idea is really impractical and really, impossible. we think that if we do a lot of things, we could find worth or define ourselves better. but it just doesnt work that way. at core, john was talking about reading the bible like you were relaxing at the beach. taking as much time as you can to just relax, really reading the words and expecting to hear from God. just let things work. not being on a schedule. like on the beach, i know that i could sit there in the sand forever, just breathing in the ocean air and listening to the waves come and go. we should be like that when we read the bible, just be comfortable and listen. i know that whenever i feel stressed, i don't really feel like i'm connecting with God, but at times when i really have nothing to do and am just relaxing, i feel at ease, at peace with God and the world. another example, every once in a while, the two friends i eat lunch with will not be at school or have something else they need to do during lunch. when i first hear/realize this, i'm sad and disappointed. i won't get to socialize and have a fun lunch. but then i realize that i can eat on the front lawn and just chill. after eating, i end up laying in the grass, gazing up at the sky and the clouds, just feeling God's presense and relaxing and being grateful for the beautiful world God has given me to stay on. what at first seems like an aweful situation, turns out to be one of the best parts of the day, even the week. it's rare to have that time to just relax, especially during a hectic school week.

another thing john talked about with reading scripture was to just be. not to force things, just let the words speak to you how they will, but just listen. this is so true in so many things. sometimes its easier to just let things happen than to try and force it. with art, this is key. you can't force creativity. when you try real hard to make something that 'looks good', it doesnt really ever happen. but when you just let happen what happens and go with your gut, you can come up with your best pieces. like faith, there isn't a formula per se for success. there aren't always certain steps to get the best end result. if you just chill and be, it's so much more relaxing because youre not stressing over whether you're doing it right or not and the product is unique. everyone has a unique relationship with God, just how everyone has a unique style of writing, art, clothes, etc. you just have to not be worried about what other people will think about that unique you. you cant let anything define you other than your relationship with God. in the long run, your clothes, your stuff, your group you hang out with, your talents dont really matter unless they are through God. apart from God we can do nothing, at least nothing that really, deeply matters. God loves everything about you, even if no one else, including you, does. He loves the good, and the bad and nothing is greater than that love.

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