Friday, February 13


why can't spring just come?

why can't the cherry blossoms start to bloom?

It felt SO much like spring, all the warm weather and happiness, the last couple days, but now its getting cooler again. When it was so warm and FELT like spring, I could pretend that it was spring and we only had a tiny bit of school left. I've been more slacky (if thats a word) about doing my work and caring, cause its like, schools almost out, what does it matter anyway? but it does and that stinks. And now reality hits me on the head, I've still got a bit before It really is spring. :( In one way its good, because it makes me think more about how the time will pass so quick. I want to get to college and all that it holds, I want to go on that big adventure. Yet, I want to stay close to home, with things that I know, my daily routine and such. College is scary in all the unknowns it presents. But I'm trying not to think of the bad way all these unknowns could go, but the bright, happy side :) Another thing about the burst of springy weather; I can wear t-shirts and flip-flops. And for me, once i move to t-shirts, there's little to no moving back... same as pants, but even more so. Once I stop wearing jeans and wear shorts and capris and dresses and skirts instead, theres no going back. Even if it randomly gets cold, I dont wear jeans, even though they'd be more comfortable. I don't know what it is, but my mind gets in this groove and cant get out of it until the seasons tell it its time to change (though my mind can get ahead of the seasons, like not wanting to not wear t-shirts and flip-flops in febuary, a bit too early for spring)
And with the Good Girls stuff.. I'm doing good. not having a big time finding the lies and everything, just applying them to my life and not believing them. I know the more I reject the lies, the easier it will get, but it's a long and hard journey, though definitely worth it, esp with going into college and the big unknowns it holds.

i just want to spin in circles in a pretty sundress!

now... can someone just turn on the spring switch please???

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