Thursday, March 12

body not being nice
really tired
people think somethings wrong with me
but its nothing more than usual
it got cold again
so i have to stop wearing flipflops
time changed
stress is going down
but apathy is going up
piano teacher died
knew it would happen
but i just keep playing piano
because it's fun and relaxes me
i love talking to my mommy
she makes everything seem ok
even if it isn't quite ok yet
world is still turning
and i'm doing fine
except for the fact that
i just want to sleep
though my body has always made me
extra tired
i feel like im noticing it more now
maybe when i get off the meds
some symptoms will stop
like my sleepyness and stupid joints
but who knows
i might not even get to go off
if my brain goes wacky on the eeg
who knows what will happen
but i know that everything
will work out in the end