Thursday, March 5


So... here's what's been going down...

I heard last week that I got one of the full ride scholarships to Lenoir-Rhyne! yay! Though it doesnt include room and board and books and stuff, thats still super awesome! :) My mom figured its worth like 96k. :)

Then last friday Lauren, Caroline and I went to the David Crowder Band Concert at our church. It was amazing. It helped that I knew every song and that the volume didn't make my ears want to explode like at WinterJam. We had seats in front row balcony, which turned out wonderful, because if we were on the main floor we would've had to stand up the whole time, but this way we could sit and watch the happenings and still have fun :)

Saturday and Sunday I went on Road Rules, along with Lauren. It's with our youth group and is sorta like a mock Amazing Race, but just in North Carolina. It rained the whole time, and even started to snow/ice on Sunday, but it was still super fun. Doing all kinds of crazy challenges and running around in the rain and stopping for every coffee shop and welcome sign we see definitely gets the adrenaline up :)

Monday and Tuesday ended up to be snow days. No complaints there, especially since the make-up days for them are after us seniors graduate :) It gave me time to sew my dress for art and to relax and recover from the very full weekend :) And who doesn't love looking out the window and seeing a winter wonderland??? :)

That's about all for now, except that stress keeps threatening to make me crazy, with all the art I have to do in a short time and the english project, and just school in general. Its hard not to focus on all the things I need to get done instead of focusing on one thing at a time...

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