Thursday, March 26

such a rebel

so, all our IB art stuff is due this friday, like going away either forever or until next fall. its scary, giving up my rwb that i've worked so hard on all year, its like my baby. i'm afraid something is going to happen or something. so, all this week we've been readying this thing called the crb we have to send with our rwb. we have to copy some pages in our rwb and then take pics of some of our art. so we have lots of pics to develop. so for the last 3 days, shima and i have been half sneaking off campus to go pick pictures up. today, we got caught by the police officer. when we told him what we were doing, he was fine with it and just told us we needed a pass next time. there is a definite advantage to being a senior and being in ib art :)
and when our show is done in a few weeks, we will official be done with ib art and just chill and do whatever for the rest of the year.
right now, life in terms of school, and sorta out of school, is rather dull and boring at times, but soon, when it gets to be art show time and then other ap/ib tests then the end of school, it will get more exciting and busy. so for now, i'm just taking the opportunity to chill and relax. :)


Pack Mule Mama said...

Chillax, dude.

nun of the forest said...

oh yeah! yay for sneaking off campus!