Monday, April 6


lately it's been so busy.
the ib art show is tomorrow and i'm super excited.
this last week we've been setting up, and it has taken away alot of my sleep because i cant stop thinking about it.
i'm excited cause i get to wear my dress too! :)
the weather has yet again become more spring-like, i hope for good.
school is turning into monotony, but theres not much i can do about that...
spring break is next week!
this year i'm going to the beach with a bunch of people from my youth group.
i'm really excited, but none of my good good friends are going, but i'm sure i'll have fun and have people to hang with.
tonight i get to go and clean up from the nhs induction... yippee!
lately i've been feeling a bit discombobulated... not really completely though.
i can still function and get stuff done, but it all seems to go by so quickly and thats sad yet also exciting.
i can't wait till i get my apple laptop and can do whatever whenever and not have to wait forever and not be able to do stuff cause our computer is old (only like 6 years...)
i hope its warm tomorrow and i dont freeze in my dress and that no one steals my ipod...

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Pack Mule Mama said...

Uh...only 4 years. :-)

Good luck at the show tomorrow. Your stuff looks awesome! {{{{}}}}