Saturday, April 18

spring break

Spring break is amazing.
Yet also just as deadly.
You get to go to the beach with friends or family and just relax the week away, not having to worry about anything in particular, just doing whatever you want in a beautiful place. You can lay on the beach in the sun for hours on end, just feeling the warm rays kissing you all over, while wearing 85 sunscreen I must add.
Some do it just to get tan, I could care less about being tan, because I know that even if I do get slightly tan, it will go away quickly, hiding in the corner till I get sunned for another really long period of time. I do it because it feels so nice. You lay in the sand, make yourself a little sand chair to put your towel over and just read or sleep the day away. We had a nice lineup of 15 or 20 girls all in a line (for the most part), or just all in a big blob, soaking up the sun as long as we could, while enjoying eachothers company. The last day, even some boys joined the blob, choosing to listen to music and bug us instead, though they did bring us drinks and ice pop things. Some say chivalry is dead, and it mostly is, but they brought us drinks and snacks and even cooked all the girls breakfast the last morning. I have a slight suspicion that some only did it because they were told to, but I have to believe some just did it because they want to treat us well, either way, I'm not complaining :)
In the mornings and evenings or when the sun wasnt quite out, there was plenty to do inside the houses. Playing games with friends, old or new, watching Twilight over and over, doing puzzles with a bunch of pieces missing, or just laying around reading or doing nothing. We went on excursions too. Going to the grocery store to get almost $500 worth of food to last us just a day or two, going puttputting and losing awfully but being ok with it, going to eat calabash and having a cheeseburger instead, off to find a place that is actually open that serves ice cream, or just walking down to the little strip of stores by the traffic circle. I wish it could have lasted forever, though I know that it couldnt have. Spring break always seems like just a little teaser, making you wish more and more for summer. You have a wonderful time and come back with proof of beach-going, whether as a tan or an awful burn. I might have gotten a bit tan, and a bit burnt in other places, but nothing too bad. Either way, I just don't want the fun and relaxation (without illegal acts I must say) to end.
But I guess like all things, life isn't fair and changes on you.

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