Sunday, April 19


everyone view God a bit differently, just like everyone views life a bit differently.
for me, i think of Him as a force/being so great that I can't even fully fathom it, like eternity. we can think about it and maybe understand some of it, but we are too small to truely understand and get all of it. God speaks to us in different ways too. people say that the way we relate to God is often like how we relate to our fathers and our dad's personality. so, for me I dont always expect to actually hear from God, like actually having the waves resonate in my eardrums. i think of there being quiet, calm actions and feelings. and when I do actually hear from Him, its something really important. for me, it's more of a feeling, when your heart starts to race or you get goosebumps.
sometimes i feel like i take all the stuff i have for granted or that i dont deserve it. tonight at core the speaker reminded me of something though. we are blessed to be a blessing. we are given all this stuff and a place to live and stuff so that we can pass it and our love onto others less fortunate. it takes effort to remember this in everyday life and not take things for granted. i guess its just another one of those things that you have to practice and get better at as life goes on.

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Elena said...

I really liked what the speaker at Core talked about too. I kind of knew him before and he had come off like he said he used to, more arrogant and stuff. So it was really cool to see how God had changed him and I really appreciated what he said on top of all that because it really relates to what I want to do. Especially about the part of really wanting to go to Africa but being willing to go somewhere else. Which is what I am trying to do. I'm also reading this really good book right now called searching for god knows what and I really think you would get alot from reading it too. So maybe you might want to read it after I finish it : )