Sunday, September 27

fall getaway '09

i'm back from fall getaway '09. it was really great. i'm not gonna lie, it felt sorta awkward at first, like on friday cause i'm used to knowing everyone and it being different (like from fall retreats in high school). but it got better. and better. and better. i had some good talks with people and got to know more LR people, and got to know some better. and learned that it's ok that i don't have like best friends yet. that i haven't quite found people i completely click with, that believe the same stuff i do, and have the same values, but is still really fun and great to be around. another thing God showed me through my quiet times next to the lake is that theres always something thats not quite right in your life. we're humans. we live in a fallen world. we will never be completely comfortable. whether its friends, or classes, or whatever, we're always gonna have problems. one of the things i learned from the speaker dude was about how even the people in the old testament knew about Jesus, like that he was gonna come, and they had salvation by believing in the coming Messiah. and all the different parts of the old testament that predict Jesus' coming and the details about it. it was really good. i learned stuff. both spiritually and socially. i'm definitely still challenged in many things. like friends, having to compromise with things esp in terms of sleep, not knowing how things are gonna play out, and more. i just have to trust in God and that whatever He wants will happen and it will all work out in the end. its just so hard though.

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Pack Mule Mama said...

You have learned much...and have so much to learn. ;-) glad you had a good weekend and met more peeps. :-) I love you!!!