Wednesday, September 23

smoke detectors are evil

so. the smoke detector, right above my head when i'm laying on my bed, decided that it's battery would die last night. and so it started chirping loud and high. at the wonderful hour of 3am. so, i tried to fix it, to no avail, due to it taking a 9 volt battery and us not having any. so i went to the ra, who i feel really bad for waking up, but she didn't have a 9 volt either. so i got to listen to chirping on and off all night. yippee! (note the sarcastic voice) eventually it stopped chirping for good, like 6am... when i had to get up at 7:15... so amy did not get the sleep she needs last night. and, to top it off, while taking a much needed nap later today, the fire alarm went off cause someone went out the fire exit. yay for not getting enough sleep! and my joints being evil! yay!
i'm going on the fall getaway trip this weekend with Cru. i'm not gonna lie, i'm super excited. i always really enjoyed fall retreat in high school. i'm really excited to get to know people alot better and just have fun and stuff. and of course, learn more about God. ;)
so yea. life is great. except the sleeping department... which i'm surprisingly not going crazy about... maybe i'm becoming more flexible.. or i can just handle it once... who knows... :)

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Pack Mule Mama said...

Hopefully tonight will be a different story.... zzzzzzzzzzzzz