Wednesday, October 21

fall break is too short. always.

fall break was great. i didn't really do anything magnificent, but it was good anyways. i hung with some caroline. saw small groupies. went to church. got a hair cut. played monopoly and beat my dad and sister. got my rwb. saw and played with my adorable puppy. slept. watched tv. didn't do any work. :) nice and relaxing, but too short. i got all my midterm grades. nothing bad. :) worst thing was an A- in gov... not gonna complain though... ;)
it feels weird going back to classes on wednesday. it feels like monday. but its not. its really wednesday, which is my chill night on which i don't really have anything to do, so i just do hw, chill and watch tv...
cause monday is house, tuesday is cru, wednesday is chill, thursday is b-stud, and friday and saturday are whatever and sunday is chill... :)
so it feels like i should be doing something, like it shouldn't be my chill night already... oh well :)

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