Monday, November 9


so girls weekend this past weekend was amazing. getting to know amazing girls. learning more about God and His measureless love. having lots of fun. just an overall great time. i feel like i sorta missed out some since i didnt sleep in the big room with most of the other girls but i got sleep, and sometimes sleep has to trump social stuff for me... i think sometimes i overreact or whatever as to how much sleep i really need and stuff... but i don't wanna get in trouble with my body for not being nice to it...
lately i've really been wanting to speak french. it's really annoying. especially since i can't really speak it to anyone here cause no one knows it. and i can't take a french class next semester cause it won't fit... grr.
also, lately i've really been wanting a boy. it seems like everyone has one but me. i don't feel like any guy even pays attention to me or cares anything about me. its annoying. cause everyone says i still have time and that its easier without someone else to have to think about and stuff. but still... grr.
so yea. i'm a mix of annoyed, tired, joyful, happy, and blah.

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