Wednesday, November 18

random blurbs.

i officially love physics. well at least my teacher. the subject isn't too bad either... we've finished all the material for this semester. we had our test today. i don't have to go back to class anymore for the rest of the semester. and it's a mon wed fri 820am class too! and if we like our first four test grades, we don't even have to take the final! yippee!! :D
i got my first paycheck for my new job last week. :) i really like my job. it lets me be creative and stuff, since most of the time i have to use my nerdy side doing homework and in class and stuff.... i've got to make a couple arrangements and stuff too. i like it alot. :)
i think i'm really talented. in cutting my ankles while shaving that is... it seems like almost everytime i shave my legs, esp with a new blade, i cut my ankle. either on the side like on the bone or on the back. yesterday i cut my left ankle really bad. like i left a nice red puddle. and when i got dressed (tactfully to not have bloody jeans/underwear) i went to get some toilet paper to sop up my red puddle and try to wipe off some of the blood off my ankle. in doing so, i left bloody footprint puddles everywhere. so i had to clean that off. i eventually got to my room and got all the blood cleaned up. and applied pressure and put it above my heart. it eventually stopped bleeding. when i look at it now that its not bleeding anymore, i cut it pretty good... i'm just gonna say i'm really talented and gonna blame it on the brand spankin new blade. :)
oh. and i got all the classes i want/need for next semester. :) i'll have pretty much the same schedule timewise that i do this semester. except for the first half of the semester i'll have a class that goes a little later on tuesdays and thursdays (but still over before 1) :)
this past weekend everyone went home. i was complaining to my mom thursday night about this. then friday during class she texts asking if i wanna come home. so i went home too :) it was nice to just be home and chill :) i think i officially realized that home is still home, but this is home too. and i dont really live in the boro anymore... but its all good :)
i have friends here at school. i feel like i know lots of people. i feel like i know a few people well. but i feel like i don't really know know anyone. like i don't deeply know them. i'm so used to knowing my best friends really well and talking about like everything with them. like i havent had a deep conversation with anyone... i dont know. its just weird.
so yea. there's my random blurbs.

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Pack Mule Mama said...

I'm sending the tweezers. No more razors for you. ;)