Monday, November 23

turkey break!

tomorrow i get to go home! yippee! :D i think its funny that thanksgiving's nickname is turkey day, but we never have turkey. honeybaked ham is way better anyways...
i'm excited cause i don't have class until 1050 tomorrow! yay! and i just have two classes, boring ones, but not hard... then lunch with debord! and then packing and getting ready for maria to come get me :) i cant wait to see my fluffy puff!!! so, as it is getting colder and has been rainy a bit lately... i can feel my body getting a bit more annoyed.. its rather annoying... having my joints pop everytime i do pilates, and my knees not being exceptionally happy. but hey, i can still walk and stuff... and so far a relafen at night is sufficient... so im hoping it stays this way so i dont have to take it twice a day or anything... and. hopefully, when i go to the neuro during xmas break, he'll say i can take my car back after break and can drive! and after thanksgiving break, theres just like two weeks and finals and then xmas break :)

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