Tuesday, December 1

so much for my sad song

The first thought through my sleepy head
When I fell outta my bed is I hope the sky is gray
I'm gonna write a sad song today
So I make up my mind, slip on my shoes
I'm gonna pick up a paper and read the news
'Cause I'm sure to find enough blues to write my sad song

But when I open the door and the sun spills through
Takes away my breath and I think of you
And the only blues to hit my eyes
Are those beautiful blues in the clear blue sky

So much for my sad song
So much for my sorry attitude
Let's make this a love song instead
'Cause I'm so in love with you

Come on, let's go out and play
Save the sad song for another day
No time for tears, I'm wearing a smile
So much for my sad song
So much for my sad song

So I pick up the news like I said I would
Drop my jaw right where I stood
'Cause the headline reads, "All the news is good
Because love is on the way"

And love floods the world right before my eyes
Everybody is dancing and slapping hi fives
And such beautiful music fills the sky and we all sing along
And now I snap out of my daydream
And I can't believe how real it seems

But I keep on dancing anyway
It's turning out to be a beautiful day

Sometimes I measure my day
By how many things go my way
And when things go wrong I usually get mad
But this time I'm glad my song didn't turn out sad

So that fits me like perfectly right now. The last couple days I've just been blah. Coming back to school after a break is always weird. The cold and cloudy weather doesnt exactly help either. I've just felt so lost. Like nothing seemed to work out how I wish it would. But we're changing that.
Talking with DeBord def helped. I'm going to think positive and be patient. I keep expecting things to happen all of the sudden. But life doesnt work like that. Never really has. So yea. Its rather hard to explain... but I just feel happy and so much better. :D

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