Wednesday, December 2

oh motivation, where have you gone?

so. lately (like the last week or two) i've felt like i've been in a spiritual rut of sorts. not a major one, but a pothole none the less... anyways. i've jumped out of that. but. that has ha consequences. before, i didnt really feel that motivated to do my work cause i just didnt feel like doing it and the semester is coming to a close and studying is so much less fun than homework, in my opinion anyway. well. now i'm motivated. but not to do schoolwork still. i still dont feel like studying. but i feel like sitting in my room, soaking in God's word, listening to great music and just feeling His presence. but studying and school work must still be done. blech.
and. thanks to the crazies of the end of the semester, theres the finals, weekly meetings are stopping, extra meetings and things are happening. my usual schedule is just messed up. its annoying. so now i often feel like i should be doing something or i should be somewhere or something... but more times than not, when i think through it, i dont. but its still minory nervewracking. blech.
though school crap is annoying, life is still awesome. :)

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