Sunday, December 27

life is a journey not a destination

christmas has come and gone. it was really nice though. we had a nice steak dinner grilled by poppy on christmas eve. christmas day was rainy and cold but we had a fire going in the fireplace all day. it really fit 'the weather out side is frightful but the fire is so delightful'... if only it was snow not just rain... oh well. one of the most exciting things i got that i wasnt expecting cause i didnt put it on my list was a gps. his name is george. hopefully he will help me and iris navigate good ol hickory. :) tomorrow is encounter! i probably wont pack til tomorrow cause i dont have to be there til 415, and its just across town. i'm really excited. i know generally fun/exciting/learning things like encounter or anything are more exciting/i learn/realize things more after the fact than during. i dont know why. but it always seems that way. like with project serve, i just seemed to realize what i learned/what happened and apply things more after i came home than during it. i'm still really excited though. :) i'm not really sure what it will be like, but i'm sure it will be awesome. so yea. its weird to think that winter break is like almost half over already. but i'm not gonna think about it. life is a journey not a destination.

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