Tuesday, December 8

things are happenin...

so. i have decided. i am applying to go to Gatlinburg for 9 weeks this summer. i'm really excited. various things went into my decision, but it really came down to me feeling called more to Gatlinburg. when i think about spending summer in the smoky mountains i get a lot more excited than when i think about spending summer in nyc. and i figure God has put this excitment/desire in my heart for a reason! so yea. i'm decided! and i'm almost done with the application. and since i dont have anything to do today before dinner, i can work on finishing it!
also. today is my last day of tuesday/thursday classes for this semester! i'm excited cause i dont much care for my tuesday/thursday classes... boring religion... icky gov't... stupid freshman seminar... but they're done except finals! and i'm not gonna count finals as going to class... ;)
so yea. right now things are workin out again :) going to see a christmas choir concert and a bonfire tonight too! :D

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