Saturday, January 30


so. they were calling for snow. which, here in good ol nc, could mean no snow at all, a light dusting, or a massive snow storm. the weatherman's predictions aren't too reliable when it comes to snow... anyways. so they were calling for major snow. i, knowing the history of the predictions, tried to not get too excited. the dance that we had alot of corsage orders at work for got canceled. so i got off work early on friday. the friend i probably would've hung out with had a packed schedule for the rest of the night with sorority stuff. so i chilled then ate dinner with other friends. by then it was starting to snow. and the ground was pretty much completely white. and the bears lair was about to close so we had to tell someone else to get our order so we could eat. we were supposed to go to a jewelry party thing that another friend was doing. but it got canceled due to sed snow. so the friends i ate with went back to their rooms. i went to the friend's who was going to have the party thing. we ended up playing in the snow. it was amazing. just her and i in the snow. it was night and it was white and it was amazingly beautiful. we made snow angels, walked around campus, and went knee sledding. now i was initially disappointed cause i didn't have a sled, but she introduced me to kneesledding. you run and go down a hill on your knees. amazingly fun. and it was just the right snow to slide right down the hill. i mentioned that everyone else was gone or sleeping over at the sorority houses. she suggested i sleepover at her place. so we went to get stuff from my room then went back to her place and got dry and warm. we watched a movie, tv, talked, snacked, and people came in and out and hung around too. it was great, layed back fun. then bed time. we awake to narnia. cereal time then out to play more in the snow. it got really fluffy and deep. we got like 8 inches at least. we walked around then ate then i went back and got my stuff and came back to my room. showered. homeworking. chilling. hopefully doing something fun tonight. it's just all so nice. these may all seem like little things, but they can be so great if you look at them positively. without debord, i probably would've just chilled alone in my room all night and wished other people weren't busy. but it all worked out amazingly well. i'm happy. :)

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