Saturday, January 30

God's love.

alright. God's love. such a huge, amazing thing. i know that personally i so often look for His love only in certain places. like at church or a conference or whatever. well. i've had a mini revelation kind of thing tonight. so often we're only expecting His love to show up in certain places or times. but ya know. His love is EVERYWHERE. it is in people. it is in circumstances. it is in nature. it is in you. it is in me. it is EVERYWHERE! this has so much to do with noticing the little things in life. the way the sun looks as it rises. the way the falls and the thought that every flake is unique. the way people accept you and welcome you in. if you look for His love, you find it EVERYWHERE. when things don't go as planned, maybe that's your opportunity to open your arms and say 'give me what you want Lord, i'll take it'. do things you wouldn't normally do. hang with people you wouldn't normally hang with. i think that God's love is even in those that don't believe in Him. His goodness radiates out of all of us. it's whether we embrace and focus it or turn against us. instead of looking at what could have been, look forward to the here, the now, the opportunities. instead of always focusing on the big picture, trying to plan whats going to happen, trying to manipulate things, focusing on what you cannot change. focus on the little things. you might not be able to change them either. but its so much easier to approach things when they're broken down. when all you focus on is the beauty of the snow, it is almost impossible to not feel His love radiating down and through you. for me anyways... again. i know i do this too, but i feel like we all are looking for big, miraculous things to happen, things that knock us down and make it impossible to not feel His love. and i do not doubt at all that those things do happen. but not as often as we would like. we will not meet our future spouse on a random beach or in paris. i mean, it's possible, but really... anyways. maybe the big miraculous things that are happening are all the little tiny things happening all around us everyday. nature. the care of others. even a simple head nod to appreciate that the other person exists. His love is EVERYWHERE. you just gotta look for it. ALWAYS.

If it seems that we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God. And if we are in our right minds, it is for your benefit. Whatever we do, it is because Christ's love controls us. - 2Corinthians 5:13-14

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Pack Mule Mama said...

yes, yES, YES!!! It IS the small things that matter. Sometimes we step right on those little things trying to climb to the big - only to find we smooshed something great, and the big isn't all it was cracked up to be. Little things can be awesome on their own...or they can add with other littles...or they can grow into something big. Realizing that is a monumental revelation.
P.S. - I didn't meet my spouse on the beach or in Paris, and things seem to have worked out OK. ;)