Sunday, January 31

what are you?

are you a water skiier? are you a snorkeler? are you a scuba diver? i'm usually a snorkeler but really want to go scuba diving. sometimes i water ski, but not much. i really just wanna go scubaing. now that i've probably lost you, i'll explain. its an analogy. about vulnerability, how deep you're willing to go. water skiiers just avoid any depth/vulnerability and will not talk about it at all. snorkelers will give enough info to get you off their back and change the subject. scuba divers will just spill their guts about everything. you can't really scuba dive alone though. it doesn't really work that way. i have yet to find a partner to go scuba diving with though. so i'm being patient and trusting that God will provide someone. which one are you?

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