Saturday, January 9

oh break, where did you go?

so my first winter break of my college career is almost over. in some ways it feels like its been forever since i've been at LR. i've sorta grown used to sleeping and being at home again. but in other ways it feels like just yesterday i was packing my stuff to come home. i would mark down this break as a definite success. i got to see and hang out with my fam alot. i got to chill and not be productive. i got to see people i've missed. i got to have an awesome time at Encounter. i got to see the rest of my family in illinois and indiana. now tomorrow i pack and monday i'm off to LR. and i get to take iris with! :D i'm excited to get back to school and see people and go back to being productive and on my own and stuff. not so excited to have to wake up early again, but alas, the world seems to wake up early... so yea. i'd def count this as a wonderful winter break. again, its hard to not think about and analyze how fast time/life goes by. even though life sometimes is hard and awkward, it shouldn't stop you from living it out and making the most of it!

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