Tuesday, January 5

a mini rant

i think i should be allowed a mini rant every now and then.  so i'm taking mine.  ok.  i'm 18.  i thought that maybe now that i'm old, a legal adult, i understand all the inuendos (and no i did not spell that right), i get the jist of life, i might get something extra.  ya know, all my life people have been telling me that once i'm old enough i'll understand and be able to do stuff.  then i get old and understand, i still cant do stuff.  like when 'the adults' go out to dinner.  when you're old enough you'll understand and get to go along or something.  well i'm older.  i'm officially an adult.  but i still dont get to go along.  i get left behind as people go off to have a good time socializing.  i dont know.  i just thought that maybe things would change.  and in a way, things have changed.  but change happens everyday.  i just thought that maybe for once i'd start getting treated like a full adult and get to go on the little secret dinner dates where they talk about 'big people stuff'.  i know i'm always gonna be a rank below mom and dad.  but i dont know.  it just sometimes feels like all this time i've been waiting to get old so i can do things and it turns out even though i'm old now, i still cant do things and they've made up a different excuse as to why i cant.  oh. and my lymph nodes are not happy. :p

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