Saturday, January 2


i will not let regret run my life.  things happen.  things dont happen.  we all look back and wish we would have done things different.  better.  but ya know, the moment is gone.  no matter how badly you wish you had done something different, you cant go back.  so whats the point in regretting and spending your time thinking about what you should have done.  we should recognize what we'd like to change.  take note of it.  but move on.  theres no point in spending all your energy on the past when you can be using it to make the most of the present and future.  its rather overarching, but i guess thats one of my 'revolutions' for the new year.  though if you want to make a change, i dont see why you cant make it all the other times of the year.  but yea.  remember and learn from the past.  enjoy thinking about the great times and things that have happened and recognize the not so great things too.  but put my energy into making today worth it.  for a better tomorrow.  i'm gonna keep making mistakes.  i am human.  but i'm gonna try my hardest to live each day for His glory, not my own.  and though it may not seem so at the moment, His plan is so much better than anything i could fathom.  so yea.  no regrets.  follow God wherever He leads me.

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