Saturday, January 16

passing the day away.

ya know when you start the day and you don't know how you're gonna spend it? like you don't know if you'll just chill alone in your room all day. or if you'll be with people. what you'll do. but you're ok with that. you know that its all gonna work out in the end. and it does. you chill alone some. you hang with people some. and it all works out. its rather nice when you dont even have a purpose or plan when hanging out. you just chill in someones room and whatever comes up comes up. you talk about stuff. important stuff. trivial stuff. you search random things on youtube and google and facebook. its just nice not have a definite plan of what you're doing. especially since during the week you have classes and work and meetings and stuff so you dont have much free time. i love weekends. just passing the day away however it happens. :)

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