Sunday, January 17

a pet peeve.

i have come to realize that i have this pet peeve. it's when people plan to do something then end up not going because they don't feel wonderful. like they have a headache or they're tired or whatever. i dont really know how to explain it. like if they're not feeling almost 100%, they don't do anything. it just aggrivates me when someone makes a plan, i get excited, then they bail. if i make plans with someone, i keep them, unless something really happens, like i get a fever or am throwing up or something of that sort. i think part of why it annoys me is that i don't feel 100% almost everyday, thanks to my broken body. but i'm not gonna stop doing stuff and living just cause my knee is causing me pain or my head is filled with phlegm. and most of the time it's things that you can't really control anyways, like you're sinuses being full or something. so whether you go and do something or not, they're still gonna be full and annoying. i dont know. its sorta hard to explain. and i don't outrightedly blame the people that do this, its just rather annoying. i guess i have too good of work ethic and commitment to let smaller things stop me from doing what i want...

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