Saturday, February 13


so i've been thinking lately. about how i've always been the person that has one or two really good friends, and then sorta talks to and sorta knows a bunch of other people but doesn't really feel totally comfortable with them. and i realized that although i still have my best friends from high school, i dont have any best friends here at college yet. and its been rather weird to tell you the truth. but i got to thinking and realizing things. i think i wrote before about how i've realized that most of the time, in one form or another, i've created sort of idols out of my best friends. not really meaning to of course, but having that one or two people that i trust and hang out with alot, my focus turns towards them and what they think and do and all that. so maybe it's a good thing, a sort of gift from God that i have yet to have a 'best friend' here at college. maybe He's teaching me to not be so reliant on one or two people. but have a community of friends and keep my main focus and be reliant on Him. i dont know what His plans are or anything, but it's nice to realize that theres possible growth from this change and such.. ;)

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