Tuesday, February 16


so lent starts tomorrow. i wanted to give something up this year, but i couldn't figure out what. alot of people i know are going to give up coffee or tea or soda... but i don't drink any of that anyways... but i wanted to give something up. something that would be a challenge... i wasn't gonna give up coffee when i don't ever drink it anyways... my mom mentioned giving up my car, but since i've already had to do that... i thought about chocolate or facebook... but facebook is rather useful and i don't waste time on it that that much... and chocolate i feel like would just be evil for the amount of chocolate things i have in my room... girl scout cookies... cookie dough... m&ms... so. and then i thought about meat. i don't really eat all that much ham or beef or turkey. but i do eat quite a bit of chicken. like i probably have it every day. so i'm giving up chicken for lent. i'm gonna observe the tradition of the sabbath (sunday) being free... so monday - saturday starting tomorrow... no chicken for me! it's gonna be hard, as i eat it often. i've decided that chicken broth would be ok though, like if i get sick and want chicken noodle soup, i'll eat it just not the chicken chunks ;) so yea! i know i can do it, but i know i'm gonna be surprised at how much chicken i eat! :o

p.s. i've decided that in addition to allowing chicken on sundays, i'll allow myself to eat it in dire circumstances, such as being out to eat and there being no other options or something. or like on spring break, if the one meal they make is chicken, i'll eat it. but if there is any way i can not eat it, i'm not going to. i think part of why i want to give it up is because i do eat so much of it, but also to force me to broaden my tastebuds/horizons... ya know, try stuff i usually wouldn't but may have to in order to not eat chicken. i read on various websites that it's not just about giving something up, but gaining something too. so i'm gonna keep trying to maintain a positive self image and not be so critical/judging of others (esp in my head!) and noticing and being thankful for all the little things and people and stuff. :)

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Pack Mule Mama said...

This will be a challenge for you indeed. It *is* your favorite meat! I like your philosophy and attitude about gaining/learning something at the same time.