Wednesday, February 17


i'm not sure how this really happened, but i feel beat, just exhausted. but the thing is that this past week has been really rather chill for me. almost everyday i've had a canceled class or class let out early. no huge tests or big stressors. haven't really done much. yet i'm still tired and feel just beat. physically, mentally, emotionally. the way i would after a hard long week. but i haven't had a hard long week. i've had a simple easy week. i hope this doesnt jinks anything... anyways. and this weekend is prob gonna be really chill again too cause pretty much everyone is leaving, either going home or whereever. part of me is excited to just chill and not really have anything to do. but the other part of me wants things to happen, wants to be social and have fun. i don't want to wish away this time of rest or anything... it's just weird, esp since it seems like everyone else is having super busy crazy weeks. i guess that's part of why i just feel sorta cut off. even when i am with people, they're tired from being so busy and don't really want to do anything. and i'm weirdly tired... :/

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