Monday, February 1

oh this body.

I just realized that I have not given an update on my wonderful physical status lately... PRAISE GOD! I have not had any seizures or anything since going off my meds. When I get really stressed/sleep deprived, I sometimes have weird feelings and such, but nothing major or often enough to really worry about. I think my throat is taking after my dad. It's being weirdly sensitive lately and doing this weird thing where I take a drink or bite or something and it sorta feels like it goes down wrong and it feels like I can't really breath for a minute and then the feeling passes. It's sorta annoying and weird and seems to happen alot in a time period than not much... maybe another stress thing. Sometimes it's sorta scary when I feel like I can't breathe but when I calm down it works out. As for my oh so wonderful joints, they are a come and go thing. Since it is winter and cold, they have been quite a bit more evil than they were this summer. I'm trying to not let it restrict me and my exercise and whatever I want to do though. It's pretty much still my knees mainly with some hips, ankles, and shoulders mixed in. I guess I've sort of grown accustomed to the weird not quite pain but discomfort feeling in my knees that happens. I wish I could make it stop completely. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the seizure meds doing it cause although that could take a while to go down, I feel like it'd steadily go down and not just do the same ol same ol. So yea. I guess I just have a high pain tolerance or it's not been that bad lately. When it's something that I can't really fix except with good ol relafen, you learn to deal with it and not complain and not show others if I'm in pain. I don't want to burden others with my pain that they couldn't help fix anyways. Though every once in a while (usually after I do something to make them especially mad) I catch myself half limping, like not bending my knee as much or moving my hip as much cause it decreases the pain. I guess due to my pride and not wanting to impose on others, I usually make myself stop whenever I notice. It's not really that bad though. It's still definitely tolerable. I'm just still worried that I'll get old and become a cripple or something. But ya know, I can't really do anything about that except pray that God will heal me and help me. So yea. And although I definitely still love me some sleep, I've been less tired lately (or maybe I'm just not making myself notice it or whatever). Having 8am classes every weekday limits my late night activities, but I'm ok with that. :) I have the reputation of going to bed earlier than the normal college student on class nights. And I'm ok with that. :) So yea. I've been doing good. I still pray that God would heal me of all this crap, but for now I'm joyful in the no seizure activity. :)

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