Wednesday, March 10

oh, college.

so heres my collection of random things from my day.

someone left panties on their lamp (not sure how/why). they in turn smoked/caught on fire. and so we had a fire alarm. and it wasnt a drill or prank. people sat outside for over an hour while the firefighter dudes came. certainly a story to tell. just glad the building didn't catch on fire and i still have a room and my stuff. :)

went to the movies with some wonderful friends. the movie was good, rather crude, but still funny. every once in a while, they have a LR student night at the $2 theater. this means with your ID, you get into a movie free, plus free popcorn and drink. not bad! and it gave me somewhere to be while everyone else sat outside the dorm, waiting for the alarm to stop. :)

i'm feeling better (more than i am feeling worse) on the friend front, which is a very good thing. i feel like i've connected with a couple more people my age. though one person is still completely ignoring me no matter what i do, i'm not gonna let that override the good things that are happening. theres just such a delicate balance between being forgiving (even if you know you're going to get hurt again or they don't want your forgiveness/dont care about you) and knowing when its time to give it up because theres nothing more you can do.

i'm excited about spring break. only 5 more classes til then! i was getting worried/anxious because i'm going to panama city beach with cru, but no one i really know know is going. but i'm excited now (not that i wasnt before, but the excitedness is overriding the anxiousness). i'm viewing it as an opportunity to grow and expand my comfort zone. i don't know that i could grow as much if i was completely comfortable, with erin or someone i know well by my side. i need to step out in faith and be optimistic. and it's not like its personal that other people aren't going. we leave bright and early, 4am saturday! :)

it has been warmish lately. like i dont need a jacket and wore my flipflops yesterday! and the birds are singing. there is hope that spring is coming! makes me even more excited to be going to the beach! :)

well, thats pretty much my collection of things for the day. :)

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