Sunday, March 21


just got back from PCB. which, if you don't know, is Panama City Beach, Florida. i went there for spring break for the Big Break trip with Campus Crusade for Christ. it was amazing. it took 12 hours to get down there. it only took about 10 to get to Panama City, but the traffic was awful and we took a wrong turn or two so we were stuck in traffic for like 2 hours. the trip down really wasn't bad at all, considering the fact that we left here at 4 am.
there was quite a bit of confusion with the hotels for the week. usually everyone stays at edgewater in villas and hotel rooms. however, the Big Break people planned for 800 and had 1200. so lots of people ended up staying at hotels off the property. our group from LR was set to stay in 3 different hotels, 45 min apart from each other and the convention place where the meetings would be. it was rather unnerving and stressful trying to figure out how we were going to work everything. there was to be one place with girls, one with guys, and one with girls and guys. we went to the one for just girls first, not knowing what to expect. we walk in, and it is a huge condo. apparently, the most expensive place to stay on the whole trip. 8 girls were supposed to stay there, but with a king, 3 doubles and a futon plus couches, all 13 girls stayed there for the week. the guys place was big enough for all the guys to stay there so we ended up having 2 separate spots, but all the girls and all the guys were together and not too far from eachother and not too too far from the convention place. it was really a great way to start the week, seeing how He provides in everything. everyone was worried about how things would work out and He provided something far beyone what we could imagine. reminds me of Eph 3:20 (By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infintely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.)
sunday and friday were free days so we just hung out on the beach and in the girls condo. a nice way to relax and have fun and chill before and after a busy week. a few times over the week, whoever wanted went down to the hot tubs which always is nice and warm and fun. :)
i loved the meetings. the worship was great and i learned alot from the talks. roger hershey had some amazing things to say. about identifying with Christ in His life, as a suffering servant, and as the King of Glory. seeing yourself as God sees you, as a saint that sometimes sins, not as a sinner who sometimes does good. one of the things that really hit me was yielding our rights to Him. to some extent, it feels like my brain is on overload. from being with people 24/7 and learning so much and doing so much.
another big part of the week was evangelizing. monday, tuesday and thursday we went out to the beaches and talked to people. i feel like i grew alot in that area, taking hte initiative to talk to people and stuff. tuesday night i went with a few other people and did commando cru, where we walked down to spinnakers and club lavela and talked to people in line and in the parking lot. we ended up talking to a bouncer for an hour. it was also further engrained that though i have the responsibility to go out and tell people and talk to them, i'm just planting a seed and only God can change their heart and stuff. that the burden isn't on me. i just hope i can continue this mindset and talk to people.
the community on this trip was great. it was wonderful being around such great people and talking to them and getting to know them. though we would get annoyed at each other sometimes, never enough to break the community. i think thats one of the things i like the most about trips like these, the community made from car rides, rooming, and just being with each other. the guys also helped show me how great guys can be, doing things for the girls and just serving us. it gives me hope that i can find a good guy...
all the fun little things like runs to sonic, talks with people, helping package thousands of meals for haiti, a tire breakdown on the ride home, campus dinner at mellow mushroom, a dance party, and so much more helped to make this past week an amazing spring break. i had fun, learned alot, and grew in my relationships with others and God. :)

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