Tuesday, April 13

don't forget.

ok. we suck. we're awful human beings. almost everything we do, we do for ourselves. even if we think we're doing it for someone else, we probably have alterior motives like to look good or whatever. we're selfish. we're sinful. we're proud. we don't want to ask for help or money and want to be in control over everything. so pretty much we're awful.


once we acknowledge and accept how crappy we are, we shouldn't dwell there. it helps no one for us to hate ourselves. it just rubs off onto others and isn't the abundant life we're meant to have.

guess what. theres a solution.

Jesus. yea. God. He's got things fixed up real tight for us broken humans. for whatever reason (we prob won't ever really fully realize why/how) God loves us. a lot. like more than you could even imagine. the person in this world that you love the most, multiply that times like a million, and you might be a bit closer to how much God loves us. this love is so crazy that He gave His Son to die in our place. you all know the story. but with His death and resurrection, God sees us not as the broken crappy people we are. He sees us as blameless and perfect. through Jesus, we have conquered death. it no longer has a hold on us. all we can do is LIVE.

not live like we used to though.

we're still gonna be crappy humans, no matter how hard we try. but we can choose to live and see ourselves as God does. embrace the life that we have. use it to try our best, but know that we're gonna fail, but God will pick us up every single freakin time. no matter what. unlike the love we know here on earth, His love is unconditional. but that doesnt mean that we should keep going on as we did before. if He is really in our hearts, we will want and strive to do better, to at least attempt to give His glory justice.

realize how crappy you are, so you can see how great His love is. when you truely see how much He loves us, you'll find yourself doing things you thought you'd never do. good, great, awesome things for His glory and not your own. this life is not about you anymore. it's about the One that gave you life. don't live like you're oppressed by sin and this world anymore. live the truth, that you have life! don't pretend you're not just as awful as the guy next to you, but rejoice in the new life you have in Him and live like it! life might not be what you thought it would be, but really, what did you think it was gonna be anyways? and with God, He always has youre best interests in mind, even if you're so lost to even see it. things will change. it's not always gonna be easy. there will be times of loneliness and fear. but these times will be just a blip on the radar screen. just a mere moment, compared to the eternity of hope, love, and joy we'll have with Him.
yes, things might be crappy right now. yes, things might be wonderful right now. before ya know it, they'll change. but don't live just for today. live for eternity.
now, this doesn't mean you can disregard your life now, and the things going on in it. they need your attention. i mean, we're here on this earth for a purpose. to take hold, live through, and spread His glory. don't think that just because this life will not last forever, that it doesn't hold purpose and worth. just don't forget the greater purpose in it all.

don't forget who and where you are. but don't forget where you're going either.

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