Thursday, April 15

apart but involved.

how to do it? remain apart from this world, with your eyes fixed fully on Him, not worrying about the acceptance or anything of this world. yet still remaining involved in this world, after all it is our mission grounds while we're here. to have an impact and be involved but not be influenced to anything apart from Him. i guess it's another balance issue. balancing this life and the next. our duty here on earth and the greater joy and fulfillment to come. influencing and being influenced. its hard to tell what on earth that is influencing you is actually God working through your circumstances or people. we're fallible humans afterall, we're gonna fail. at being balanced. at being apart but involved. at recognizing when something is from God and when it is really a lie from satan. at the moment, i can only think of one solution to this dilemma. just keep praying and putting my faith in Him and trust that He will make my paths straight and work everything out in the end, even if i do wander a bit. thats all i can really do. trust and pray. not by my power, but His alone.

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