Wednesday, April 28


it's about perspective, really. how you look at things. theres always gonna be crap. but we have a choice as to how we look at life and all that it holds. we can look at it and only think about the crap and annoying stuff. which is usually stuff we have little or no control over anyways. or we can look at it and focus on the good. on God. each day is a gift. so is everything that happens in that day. so if we keep a positive, Godly perspective... yes. crap happens. but we don't have to choose to focus on it and be miserable. it's a concious choice you have to make every day, every moment practically. and i'm trying hard (and trusting that God will give me the strength) to stay positive. much like a good picture, it's of something you'd normally see, but when taken from a new perspective, it's exciting and alive. it's all about perspective. :)

boring, normal straight on picture...

now from a new perspective. still cute flowers, but much more interesting. ;)

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Pack Mule Mama said... true. Different perspective is awesome! Great way to make the point - I love it (and I love these flowers!) !