Friday, April 30


um. so yea. we're human. we forget. all the time. everything. even God. the One who created us! so we must be reminded. could be little things like the wonderful weather and the heat of the sun that gives you a sunburn you don't even realize you have. or little lessons He gives us to remind us of the truth. like reminding you that you have to be patient and just trust that things will work out when they are out of your control. so often i find myself trying to be in control and have a concrete schedule and timeline. but God doesn't always work that way, or work into my little slots. He's so much bigger than any calendar could ever be. so why do i keep trying to box Him in? keep Him contained like I could control anything anyways? i so often need to be reminded that it's not about me, and that i'm not in control. to be patient and trust.

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