Wednesday, May 19


i am sorry to all i have had a bad attitude with. those that i have compared myself against. those i have knowingly (and unknowingly) judged and criticized. those i have lied to. those i have ignored. those i have pretended and put on a mask with. those i have pushed and bothered. those i have elevated too high. those i have degraded. those i have expected more from than i was willing to give. those i have annoyed, aggrivated, angered. those i have hated. those who have loved me but i never notice. those i vent to who have no interest or desire to listen. those who i have not thanked. those whose love i have questioned. those i have questioned. those who were the butt end of my selfishness. those i don't say thank you enough to. those i don't tell what they really mean to me. those who i don't love the way God loves me. those i have failed. those i have sinned against. those i have made into idols. people, things, this world.
i'm sorry. i really am.
i hope you will forgive me, even if you do not realize you have been wronged. it may have only been in my head and heart, but it existed all the same. so i'm sorry.

and i have been forgiven. by the God i can't fathom or fully understand, who loves me even when i have done so much wrong and knows all i will do wrong in the future.
it is a daily battle for my soul, but i am determined to fight.
to not question or doubt, but to just simply believe and trust with everything i have.

this is all that remains of my brokenness
and God can't even see that, as He looks at me through Jesus.

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Playing Sublimely said...

Thanks for being real.