Thursday, May 20


i hate them. especially stupid ones. as i've probably mentioned before, they're one of my pet peeves. if you say you're gonna do something, do it. whether thats committing to hanging out with friends or working on a school project, anything. i don't know if its just my personality, or how i was raised, or what, but i try really hard to not make excuses. if i tell someone i'm gonna do something, i do it. theres just too much to life to not do stuff because you're not 100%. and so often the rewards of doing something are so much greater than the costs. some examples:
-some people absolutely hate using tampons, and i can understand that. i generally don't use them cause they're just weird and kinda annoying. but when i want to go swimming, i'll use one. to me, anyways, the annoyance doesn't outweigh the joy i get of being in the water.
-understandably, most people don't enjoy getting up super early. but getting up super early (like 330 or 4 in the morning) can be worth it when i'm going on a sunrise hike. the beauty and experience outweighs any tired symptoms.
-i don't know if it's just my definition of 'sick' or what, but i rarely am sick enough to not do things. enough to let it hold me back from living life. when people say they're 'sick' with a headache (not a migraine, i can understand that) or a runny nose or something, and don't live life... it just annoys me. again, i don't know if its just me, but i rarely let my body dictate what i will and won't do. a runny nose? a hurting knee? a headache? not gonna stop me. only when i am literally not physically able to do something, will i not do it. so only if i'm like throwing up or my knee is hurting so bad i can't walk will i stop.
life just contains too much to let stupid little things stop me. i don't know if it's always been like this or if my generation is just lazy, but stupid (in my opinion anyways) excuses are rampant. i'm not gonna lay around doing nothing when i could be out doing things and enjoying the life God gave me.

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