Friday, May 7


ya know, sometimes the best thing you can give someone is your time.
no one's rich, nobody's poor, we get 24 hours each. so how are you gonna spend, will you invest or squander? try to get ahead or help someone who's under?
the time can be spent in many ways. studying. helping. listening. talking. teaching. learning. just being with each other, in their presence, providing community and support.
i feel like so much in this culture and day in age, time is so so valuable. everyone seems to have a million things going on, and relationships often suffer. we've become such a materialistic culture that instead of giving someone our attention and time and love, we buy them gifts to try and fill the void. it's crazy really. material things are useful for life, but i'd rather live without a lot of stuff and have great relationships and real meaning in life. it's about impacting other people's lives and building community. loving on them. how do you love on someone if you don't spend time with them? even if you don't feel like you're actively building a deeper relationship, you are when you spend time with people. by spending time with them, you just naturally get to know them better and become closer.
though i would often rather just sit down and have deep meaningful talks with people and just spend complete one on one time with them, this does not happen too much. like today, a friend and i ended up driving around town and walking through stores trying to find something for her mom. though we didn't get super deep at any point, it was great to just spend time together and become more comfortable with each other, especially since we're about to be apart for the summer.
i guess it's again just looking at the upsides and benefits of things rather than negatives. and also realizing that you can't be the sole focus of anyones attention all the time (or even most of the time...) kinda like deciding to do chemistry to praise God instead of for personal reasons or because we just have to. :)
everyday is a gift that you've been given. make the most of the time every moment you're living.

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