Wednesday, June 2

day 3 morning

woke up feeling not so great. my digestive system has decided to be evil, so i'm hungry but the thought of eating food repulses me. so that's great fun... we have a meeting this morning then free time for lunch and job searching. i pretty much have a job at bubba gumps, but we have to go back in to solidify stuff. here in lies the problem: the lady at bubba gumps we need to talk to doesn't work til 330, and we were told to come at 4. however, there is a cookout dinner that we're going to as a project that starts at 430. so pray that things get figured out with this. either that we'll go earlier and get done before we need to head back (it takes a good 15-20 min to walk down there) or we'll set an appointment for tomorrow or we'll figure out a way to get a ride down there or drive so we can try to be on time... thats all i have for the moment except that the weather is gorgeous this morning :)

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