Wednesday, June 2

getting tired...

today was good :) we had our morning meeting as i mentioned. after that we came back to the room and i took a nap. after that i felt a lot better. still a bit off but not nearly as bad. then i had lunch and chilled. the rest of my condo went to blaine's to fill out paperwork so i went to another condo and hung out. then we walked the strip and went to walgreens. we had some really good conversation :) then chill a bit then the bubba gump's crew drove over there and applied/got assured a job. they didn't have a time we could do orientation until tuesday at 1. so we've got 5 more free days. 3 of which, everyone else will be at work. tomorrow i think we're gonna watch forrest gump in the morning. we'll probably go tubing and/or hiking or something sometime too. it's kind of exciting that we get more free time, but most of me really just wants to start tomorrow like everyone else. theres nothing we can do about it though... so it's in God's hands :) i just hate not being productive, especially when everyone else is. oh well, like i said, theres not really anything i can do about it so i'm gonna try and make the most of it, because obviously God has a reason for it. :) after gump's we drove to the cookout at greenbrier park. it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and we thought we were lost for a bit, but we found people ;) after dinner we went hiking up a trail by the river. it was gorgeous. i'm sad i didn't have my camera. still fun though :) then another meeting. then i went in the hot tub with two of my condomates (is there a better word for that?) and now we're just chilling. other people are playing games, but i think relaxing is good tonight, especially knowing how weirded out my body is. i'm loving sitting on the balcony, listening to the frogs and watching downtown gatlinburg. :) again, i have to keep reminding myself that i have multiple weeks here to do things and hang out and to not push myself so much that i burn out. so right now i feel like God's teaching me to be patient and to just relax and go with the flow, and whatever happens happens.

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