Friday, June 4


yesterday was cool but weird. everyone in my condo except me works at blaine's and they started yesterday so i was alone waking up. everyones working now except the bubba gump people and the couple people working at baskin robbins or other random places. yesterday we all woke up relatively early then got together and watched forrest gump in the conference room. for our job we have to ask customers forrest gump trivia so we tried to prepare/refresh our memories. then i had dship with rachel. we went to subway and ate and talked. it was good. one thing i liked that we did was that theres a discipleship covenant things we went through about being accountable and honest and open and that we won't look at eachother any different when we learn more about each others struggles and she's not surprised by any of my sin. we also wrote down some of my personal and ministry strengths and weaknesses and goals for the summer. it was cool/good to have things set upfront and written down so we could look at it later. so that was good. while i was out with her, all the other people not at work went to the community center except jessica. so i got back and it was empty and i didnt know jessica was still here. so i went swimming in the pool because it was super hot. after i got out the community center people finally texted me back. so i got dressed and jessica and i went over there and played disc golf. then i came back, showered, and just chilled on the balcony while the cleaning people changed our sheets/towels and then the blaines people came back and we talked. then project dinner, then meeting. i really liked nick's talk about growing in intimacy with the Lord. then we had dgroup. we sat out on our balcony and shared our stories and just talked. it was really cool and awesome. then all the other girls came back and we sat around and talked and got in a laughter fit. that is one of the things i love about rooming with 6 other girls, it's so easy to chat and talk and laugh together.
this morning some people woke up and went to the donut friar in the village and got doughtnuts/coffee/cider for breakfast. yummy. :) we sat around and chatted and ate. then the blaine's people had to go to work. something i thought was cool and that hadn't even crossed my mind to do was pray. we all were sitting in an oval/circle and held hands and prayed over the day and whatever it would bring. and that we would keep our eyes on God whatever happens. so the blaine's people left then the rest of us just sat around and talked and got in a good conversation with the maintenance man working on the fountain there. we talked alot about politics and stuff. we never really got to God in the conversation but when he was talking about stuff happening in Israel, he mentioned how the Bible says that everyone will turn against Israel in the end times. it was really a cool conversation. we'll prob go find him again sometime because he works there everyday from 4am til noon. then people kinda split off and i came back and have had lunch and been chilling. its sprinkley right now. we're planning on going hiking to this place thats supposedly like the second highest in the nation or something. def with an awesome view. the rest of today is kind of up in the air. we're on our own for dinner, and i don't know what the other people in my condo are thinking. i hope we can cook/make something together here instead of going out again. then we're getting together with our dgroups and going out sharing. some bubba gump people were talking about doing that today but since it's sprinkling and its getting later to when people will be coming back... i don't know. i'm just going with the flow and letting things happen. i'm excited about hiking tomorrow though :)

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