Thursday, June 10

first day of work.

yesterday was my first day of work. it was front of house market training. not as bad as i thouhgt it'd be. we're learning all the merch names and prices, the promo deals, and lots of random info like the ADP and UPT. learning to do a pull list then stock with it. how to fold shirts. how to answer the phone. about inventory adjustments. got our uniforms. we have to wear a bubba gump shirt (they gave us 2), a bubba gump hat (they gave us), and jeans and ugly black nonslip expensive shoes. it's a rather chill uniform, apart from the ugly shoes. we got let go a little early, and i was starving by the end. we were supposed to get a 'training meal' which is like a sampler thing but the kitchen was too backed up. we don't have a set lunch break, but we're allowed to take a short bit on the clock to go eat something in the back. after work i just chilled around the condos, swam a bit, talked to other people already back from work. then dinner, group pictures at a outlook, and reflection time. i enjoyed reflection time. i sat on a rock in the middle of the river. it started to rain and i wanted to stay but i was driving and everyone else wanted to leave and my bible was getting wet. so we came back. some people went out sharing but i decided not to go. then i sat on the balcony in the half rain for another while. then hung out and played mau with people. the girls that went sharing came back and had a decision. i'm excited that we have another sibling in Christ, but i can't get past the fact that i should've gone too and that i'm never gonna have someone make a decision. that plus the past days events just really discouraged me and took my thoughts down the wrong road. it's not been one big thing, but lots of tiny things building up to me just feeling crappy again.
today is my second day of training, and i should be learning more and i'm excited about that. i'm trying to stay positive.

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