Saturday, June 12

getting better.

feeling better today. work went well and i finally feel useful because i know how to do stuff and can ring people up instead of standing there helplessly when it's super busy. it's better when i stay busy, because then i don't have time to think about everything. after work was some chill time and of course pooltime ;) i love watching the rain come in too. you can see it in the distance, the mountains slowly disappearing. then it starts to rain where you are. i love it. and the cool air that comes with the rain. some snacking. then dgroup time. we went to mcdonalds ;) talking is good. but i still feel like theres some inner turmoilness going down... i'd really like to just sit down and talk it all out with someone. hopefully i can do that sometime in the near future. :)
the rest of the night consisted of a mini dance party and chilling and fun. tomorrow is church, lunch somehow, sharing, dinner somehow, prayer, and outreach. but for now bed. :)

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