Wednesday, June 16

legit work.

second day of real work today. yesterday i got cut early cause it was super slow. it was kinda nice to relax and chill after though. it's getting to be really hot and humid in the afternoons here. today i stayed almost the whole time at work, which was nice. however, i felt like i was going to die walking back. long jeans, a dark shirt, and those hot black shoes plus the supersonic humidity and heat. it feels nice to be able to be functional at work and not have to depend on other people. until 1 i've been in there alone. last night was cru, and of course that was good again. barry talked about love in 1 john. good stuff. tonight after dinner was reflection night and i went down to the river at greenbrier and semi saw a bear. still feeling kinda awkward with the Lord. feeling more confident or whatever about my salvation and His love for me, but still don't really feel like He's there. it's a constant battle/balance. tomorrow morning i have to be at work at 8 for a meeting but don't actually have to work so i'm thinking i'll got chill in the village and get a donut and stuff after the meeting. right now i'm chilling on the 4th floor rocking chairs/porch with the majority of the group. can't not love the fellowship here. :)

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