Sunday, June 6

the night.

the baseball game was pretty cool. typical minor league baseball game. got pretty boring at some points. however the guys helped make it fun with all their cheering and stuff. i actually got to go on the field and play one of those weird inning change games with jenny. we didn't win but we did get a kraft singles cheese box! yippee! ;) the fireworks at the end were def the best. part of the trees around the back of the field where they shot them off, a tree or something caught on fire. it was rather interesting the way everyone just stood there and stared at it. anyways. then we went to sonic for a evening snack. oh, i should mention that we got lost going to the baseball game and trying to find sonic. they were in pigeon forge, where we haven't ever been yet. for whatever reason i didn't really sleep well like at all last night, even though i was, and still am, super tired. however, something that rachel was telling me is that there are 5 things that make it much easier for satan to take hold of you, when you're Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Sick. (it spells HALTS). so i'm determined that though i can't really do anything about my fatigue right now, i will not let satan take hold of my thoughts. it's kinda weird being the only one in my condo not working at blaine's, but i like it because otherwise i might not have gotten to get to know these girls so well and i like getting to hear about somewhere different. this morning we're off to church so a bien tot!

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