Monday, June 7

praise and fatigue.

yesterday consisted of church, a wonderful after-church nap, brunch at the mountain lodge, then hanging out chilling. some of us went and played disk golf. some stayed disk golf more, but others included me came back and went swimming. then we had a cookout that some people put on for us. then roommate meeting facilitated by kristin. then satisfied prayer time. then we finally got together for praise and worship team. i'm gonna be singing and playing piano/keyboard if we can find one to use. i really hope we do. so we practiced/figured out what we're doing tuesday til like 1230. then i came back to the condo and everyone was cleaning because today is cleaning check day. then bed for a much needed good nights sleep. and i got to sleep in this morning. today is just chilling and whatever cleaning is left and lunch, then a meeting from 2 til 4 and music practice after that.
yesterday was rather hard in the fatigue department. i've been doing something and moving almost all the time since we've been here. lots of swimming and pick-up games of stuff and the long adventure hike yesterday. none of this is bad at all. i love all of it. however, without getting ample sleep time or time to just chill my body, i was left really wiped out yesterday. physically, i felt like i really wasn't capable to anything else active. my body just wouldn't do it. and because of that, and the overload of getting to know everyone and learning lots, mentally and spiritually i felt pretty wiped out. sleep helps that too. so i'm glad that we don't have too much planned today so i can really just rest. i think some of it might also be that sometimes i'm relying on my own strength to get through a long hard day, instead of relying on God and His strength. i'm also realizing that i can't do everything all the time, even if i want to. and that we'll be here for awhile, so theres time. but not to fall back on the fact that there's time, and if you have time now, to do it because you don't know when the opportunity will come back.
so yea. loving sitting on our balcony listening to great music and experiencing the wonderful gatlinburg view and weather. :)

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Pack Mule Mama said...

I am loving reading your posts! Keep 'em coming!! ;) We love you and miss you, but glad you're having a good time!! {{{{}}}}